Saturday, February 12, 2011

7 x 70

To my children: I am so sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I love you.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello my Long Lost Blog

[I found this in my Saved box from June. Never posted it, so I'll just post it now. Better late than never.]

Goodness it's been a while since I've done this blogging thing. Been a little busy. Just wanted to document a few randoms . . .

Eli's knock-knock joke telling:

Eli: Knock knock.
Mommy: Who's there?
Eli: E-y
Mommy: E-y who? (Thought he was gonna say E-y Nard - ie Eli Dennard)
Eli: E-y-e-y-o!!

Eve's learning lessons:

Mommy: Eve, wanna watch TV?
Eve: I can't watch TV.
Mommy: Why not?
Eve: I lied to Daddy.
Mommy: Oh yeah?
Eve: But . . . it was a LOOOOONG time ago . . . in FIRST grade.
Mommy: Uh, wasn't last day of First Grade yesterday?? (Sheesh.)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Thoughts After A Long Day

  • Boy, 6 seconds seems soooo freakin' long when a newborn doesn't have a heart rate.
  • That was stressful - I want a milkshake - Dang! Only drinking water.
  • That was stressful - I need to go run some stress off.
  • How did I get home? Did I just drive home?
  • I'm tired . . . only 9 more hours of call to go.
  • I want to see my kids. Glad they are still awake.
  • God, why am I so lucky? Life is so precious. Thank you for blessing me so much.
  • Dang! Why isn't Facebook working?
Good night! (Hopefully no more trips to Aiken tonight.) ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Daddy No Ha Heart"

Shilo might kill me for sharing this one, but I love it too much! It is a well-known fact around here that Eli is a through-and-through Mama's boy (woohoo!) which makes Daddy completely and utterly jealous. (I'm enjoying it while it lasts.) Anyway, every night Eli wants Mommy to "lay down me." So after the family says prayers together, Eli and I go talk. Tonight this was our conversation:

Did you go to Chick-Fil-A today Eli?
Who else went?
Daddy. No you go Chick-Uh-A Mommy.
No. Where was Mommy?
You go at work Mommy.
Where does Mommy work Eli?
Go wunning? (running)
No Eli, Mommy works at the hospital.
Yes, Mommy is a doctor.
I doc-er too Mommy. I ha heart.
That's right. You have a heart.
Sissy ha heart. You ha heart. Daddy no ha heart.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE IT!! Maybe he'll be a Mama's boy for awhile after all! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snickers Goes to School

Ok - so here are some pics from our adventures in baby-sitting the neighbor's guinea pig a few weeks ago . . . at least he didn't bite me this time!!

Only one guess as to who's idea it was to put the guinea pig in the school bus . . . sometimes I think I have FOUR children! :)
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let It Snow - The Live Version

Here are Eve and Mary Reagan - notice one of the twins throwing a snow ball at 'em mid course . . . Ha!

And here are the twins - I love the slowly tip over to the side ending.

Let It Snow . . . Somewhere Else :)

Personally, I believe snow is only good for 2 things: skiing and getting one out of work. Since neither of those things are possible for me (even when it does snow) since I live in Georgia and work in an ER, then snow is usually pretty useless here. But since we actually got a good 4-5 inches (CRAZY!) and it only lasted about 24 hours (PERFECT!) - it was kind of nice. Everything was GORGEOUS!! An instant Narnia . . .

And the kids' faces were the BEST! Eve said "This is the BEST DAY EVER!!!" (Although winter clothing apparel was much to be desired. She was soaked instantly in her blue jeans and tennis shoes - she didn't mind too much though.)

We went with Pops and the older cousins up to Augusta State University and found a decent hill to go sledding on . . . It was a blast!

(The little ones much preferred to stay warm inside at GGs - can't say I blame 'em.)
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